Personal Styling Services by Your Stylist LLC


2.5 hours

(additional time is invoiced)

Full Closet Audit & Style Assessment

Includes wardrobe edit/review & completed style assessment

Immediately following the Initial Consultation, the Closet Audit involves going through your closet and having you try your clothes on which helps me assess what is currently working and not working. Then, we will sort clothing dividing by these three categories: keep, alter and donate. I donate all unwanted clothes to Dress For Success and provide you a receipt for your tax deduction. 


During this process we will discuss if you need just simple upgrades or a style overhaul, and we'll go into detail in terms of how you feel in your clothes and the way you feel about them. This allows me to address challenges and propose solutions. I will also assist you in arranging your closet by type of garment and color, as well as ensuring clothes are hung, folded and stored properly, including shoes and handbags. I can even help with organizing your jewelry!

*Booked at a 2.5 hour minimum, no transfers allowed of unused time.

*May reschedule once if a 48 hour notice is given. Less than 48 hours and/or more than one cancellation will result in total cost being retained.

*This service is not a housekeeping service; no cleaning or sorting laundry. If your clothes and closet are not in reasonable order, the total cost is retained. A reschedule incurs full price charges.


4 hours

(additional time is invoiced)

Personal Shopping

A personal VIP shopping & styling experience


After the Closet Audit, I assess what items are needed to build your ideal wardrobe. Then I will provide my expertise as a Personal Shopper... You will set your budget and I will determine what retailers to visit in order to obtain the perfect additions to your wardrobe. I complete a pre-shop prior to our shopping trip together so there is no "blind shopping," making it easy on you with clothes set aside already outfitted in our sizes! All you have to do is show up and try on; and allow me to give you a style education! The shopping day typically ranges from 4 to 8 hours, but can vary. The booking covers a 4 hour day--time overages are just invoiced to you. 


A second option would be to have me shop for you alone, make the purchases and have the session privately in my studio. I also take care of returns/exchanges; rates vary with this option based on time and travel. 

*Cancellation results in total cost being retained. A reschedule is at full price booking.

*No refunds. Booked at a 4 hour minimum. No transfers allowed of unused time.



Virtual Style Coaching
Style advice at your fingertips 
(New wardrobe guidance for clients)


I will provide ongoing style advice as your Style Coach. (Or commonly referenced as a Wardrobe Consultant). This will allow you to communicate with me in any way that is most convenient for you: with text, email or video chat to consult with me regarding outfit choices for various events, work functions, meetings, dates, special occasions, travel, etc. These brief virtual consultations will provide you with my styling expertise and reassurance in your wardrobe choices.


We can also make arrangements to meet in person if it requires a more detailed consultation, rates will vary by type and length of consultation. 

*Unused days are nontransferable.

*No refunds.


Style Consultation
The initial meetup - up to 1 hour


I have created a detailed questionnaire for you that helps both of us to get to know YOU, your style or the style you wish to have, if you'd like some upgrades or an overhaul, features you like to highlight and/or downplay, your challenges in getting dressed every day and what roadblocks you hit while shopping for yourself. During our initial consultation, we will get acquainted and go over your questionnaire in detail as well as body types, style personalities and color palettes. Upon completion, we move to your Closet Audit next.

*May reschedule once with at least 48 hours advance notice. Less than 48 hours results in $75 being retained.

*No refunds.