She is a pro. She assessed my personal style and helped me understand that I could spread my wings from old habits. She helped me develop a wardrobe that flatters me and brings out the sassy woman that I am.

Jeanne S.

Cincinnati, OH

Jackie is Amazing! The entire process from start to finish was easy and low stress. Jackie took the time to listen to what I was looking for and what I was comfortable with. I was pretty anxious about the shopping trip, because I am not a big clothes shopper. But Jackie made me feel comfortable and helped me relax throughout the day. She pushed my limits with some of the choices she provided, and I am so glad she did. Some of the things she selected for me have ended up being some of my favorite pieces! I am so much more confident in my workplace, and my husband is VERY pleased with that result. Jackie takes great pride in making sure that you find a wardrobe that you feel great in, not just pushing the current trendy looks. If you are looking for an update to your wardrobe, and want someone to help you find clothes and accessories to help you be the best version of you, Jackie is the answer!

Samantha H.

Columbus, OH

This was so worth it! She kept me within my preferred style, she chose great outfits and did all the hard work. She introduced me to stores and styles I did not think I could shop in. Immediate benefit and long term style education for my body.

Wynita W.

Florence, KY

Jackie is incredibly friendly and helpful. She and her assistant completely transformed my closet spaces and wardrobe. Very happy with my experience with her.

Susan P.

Columbus, OH

A wonderful and worth it experience, especially for someone like me that hates shopping. Jackie made the whole process easy and stress free and I love my new wardrobe. Will definitely repeat service for a new season.

Geneva B.

Dayton, OH

After many years of being unhappy and frustrated with my wardrobe, I chose to reach out to Jackie. Working with her was been one of the best choices I have ever made! Jackie carries herself in a professional but extremely personable way. I was a bit nervous about the process but Jackie was so quick to ease my worries. She made me feel comfortable because the process was about getting to know me and how she could help me best suit my style. I never felt pressured but she did take me a little out of my comfort zone which I never would have done on my own and am so happy that I was open to it! I had so much fun during our shopping trip because she was honest and there wasn't any judgement. Most of all, she genuinely has my interest at heart which I really appreciated. I truly cannot say enough amazing things about the process and her personally! If you are even considering the process, reach out to her! I am so glad that I did!

Emily S.

Hyde Park, OH

After several years of considering to seek the help from a personal stylist, I finally made the decision to do it and it was the best experience EVER! After meeting with Jackie, we went through my closet and then she went shopping. I was so excited when we met the next day, she had put together so many beautiful outfits including accessories and shoes. She really knows how to help someone like me that feels I have no sense of style to feel amazing and look current. Thanks to her, I now have a new spring/summer wardrobe and she taught me the art of layering, mixing and matching to create many looks. Jackie is so personable and professional, she really puts you at ease and the makes the experience enjoyable. No matter what your styling need may be, I highly recommend contacting Jackie. I'm already planning to meet with her in the fall!!

Karla K.

Dry Ridge, KY

Jackie comes prepared in EVERY way to suit your individual needs! Whether it's a closet audit, a reorganization of your wardrobe space, or personal shopping and style creation, she has you covered. I personally felt that her skills were ABOVE anything I could have imagined from a Stylist/ Consultant. She is professional, and meets YOU exactly where you are. I felt completely comfortable, and even though I thought I might be embarrassed about the way I had been storing clothes, etc., she put me at total ease. We completed one phase of working together... and now I can't wait to move on to the next. I can't say enough about Jackie and her talent. If you're curious... GO ahead and give her a call. I want this for you, too!

Colleen H.

Cincinnati, OH

The experience far surpassed my expectations. Jackie made sure I was very comfortable through the whole process. She has various services but I used the closet review, shopping and building a wardrobe. In the end Jackie put together my outfits and hung them up in my closet to make dressing each morning very easy. She is very good at what she does and has a great sense of style. I really loved the entire experience and I highly recommend her services to everyone. If you have questions on how it works, contact her and she will explain the process. It is much easier than you think.

Amy S.

Cincinnati, OH

Absolutely loved working with Jackie. She helped me learn what styles work for me and our shopping trip was great. I had no clue what to expect, but kept an open mind and now have a new wardrobe that I'm in love with. Give her a try!

Melisa A.

Dayton, OH

Wonderful experience! I felt comfortable and am very happy with the end result. So happy I decided to do this.

Lori L.

Fairfield, OH

Jackie is wonderful to work with. She listens carefully before determining your personal needs. I am very impressed with her professionalism and responsiveness.

Karen P.

Columbus, OH

What an amazing experience. At first I was apprehensive of reaching out to a stylist, but I am so happy that I did. The process was easier than I thought. Jackie put me at ease at our first meeting. I explained why I was looking for help and she understood. No judgement, her goal was to make me feel good about how look now, and that was what I needed. Thank you Jackie!

Rose S.

Dayton, OH

I recently used Jackie's styling services. The best part was she was able to tailor her services to MY needs! I did the Closet Audit and I took advantage of the Personal Shopper service as well. She made me feel very comfortable the entire time; never feeling like I was forced into clothes that weren't ME! We worked together through the whole process and she truly listened to my needs. It's totally personalized which is so nice (compared to online stylists out there that just send you a box of random clothes without knowing you. I'm actually excited to get dressed for the day instead of dreading even opening my closet!

AnaSofia S.

Mason, OH

I actually have a wardrobe I love thanks to Jackie! We did the closet audit with clothes I already have, she put together combinations I never even thought of. (I'm planning a shopping trip with her to add some staples to my wardrobe). If I'm going to an event though, l just reach out to her using the Wardrobe Consulting she offers, text is easiest for me. All I do is send pix, we chat to make the best choice and done-- It makes getting ready so much faster for me! I will definitely continue to have her as my Stylist!

Rose R.

Middletown, OH

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